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Eye Install


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Eye Installation Upgrade

There has been much talk about a new ACE system for the Tribal.  Well here it is.  The way the system works is there is a stock Tribal set of electronics, an eye interface board and all the little connections inbetween.  The eye board recieves a signal from the infrared LED's mounted on both sides of the breech.  When the eye board recieves a signal that says there is nothing in the breech, it doesn't let the solenoid pulse from the controller board make its way to the solenoid, resulting in the marker not firing.  When the eye board recieves a signal that says there is something in the way of the eyes (a paintball) it lets the pulse from the controller board go to the solenoid, resulting in the marker cycling the paintball.
Now on to the real meat of the matter, what all does this upgrade include, and what all do you have to buy.  Nothing!  Just simply send in your marker and I will take care of the rest.  This includes the eye interface board, modifying of the stock electronics, complete rewiring, all metal work, installation and eye covers.  Some things that you'll notice when you get your marker back is that, obviously, it will have ACE installed, there will be a toggle switch (eye bypass switch) instead of charging jack, and some different LEDs on the backplate.  I decided to do away with the stock backboard and replace it with the eye board.  This frees up a lot of room and makes everything fit nicely inside of the frame.  In the case of Mephisto's some I will have to arrange the switches and LEDs differently on the backplate.
Price: $90 for complete eye installation (just send your marker in and I do the rest) or $120 for complete eye installation plus a full tune up.  The second choice is highly recommended if you have not had a full tune up and take advantage of the major discount in price for the full tune up!  The first runs will not have eye covers and will be press fit units.  I will not be accepting eye orders until the 15th of March.  Once I get a total of 10 eye install orders, I will not accept anymore until I get most of them done and out of the shop.  Full warranty is included on this deal.


The prototype board and marker.  Don't worry, it gets prettier. :-)


The left side of the body showing the IR LED.


The right side of the body showing the IR transistor.


A good overall view of what the installation will look like cosmetically.


A completed Tribal ACE boardset.


An almost complete backplate.


I not only do Tribals, but why not?  An Angel LED.


I still need to cover the back of the IR LED with black silicone.


Again, I need to cover the back of the IR Transistor with black silicone.


The backplate - Nice blue LED, and an eye on/off toggle switch.


A peak inside the grip frame - a lot of stuff going on here. :-)

If you have any questions regarding eye installations or anything else, please e-mail me at