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Warped Airsmithing


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Rebuilt Tribal, BM2K, Defiant, Shocker, Impulse solenoid.  These are not brand new, but they have been fully disassembled, checked over, repaired, lubed, and ready to go.  This is a trade in program so the cost is your old solenoid + $20.  Does not include mounting screws, washers or gasket.
Note- Cosmetics may differ from picture.  All are functionally the same though.

Magnetic Trigger Kit.  Includes 2 nickel plated 1/4" X 1/16" magnets, 1 nickel plated 1/4" X 1/8" magnet and 1 gold plated 1/8" X 1/16" magnet.  Arrange your trigger pull to whatever you want with these combinations of magnets.  $5 per kit.

Magnetic Trigger kit v2.0 - Features externally adjustable magnetic tension for the trigger return.  Requires drilling and tapping for an 8-32 threaded hole.  $5 per kit.

Featherlite Microswitch - 25 g/f of activation means less than a 1/3 of what the stock microswitch requires.  Provides for a much more sensitive trigger feel.  Comes with wire leads and tinned ends.  $5