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Warped Airsmithing


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Full Tune-Up.  Want your Tribal to perform the best that it can?  This is the ultimate in ensuring that you're getting the best from your Tribal possible.  Here's a list of what all I do to your Tribal: full disassembly, cleaning, relpacement of torn or nicked o-rings and installation of ram dampner, polishing of the ram assembly, stock reg rebuilding, smoothing out top bore from dampners not being isntalled, installation of hard plastic 9v clips, get your electronics up and running, (complete rewiring of circuit boards is $20 extra at time of tune up), hot glue all board-to-wire connections, install trigger stops for older style Tribals that did not have them installed, trigger job, installation of 90 degree hose barbs for lpr, drilled out asa screw for higher flow, lube everything, assemble entire marker, set all regs, get it performing the best that it can, and USPS Priority shipping back to you.  Comes with lifetime warrenty.  If anything goes wrong with the marker and you can't fix it, simply send it to me and money for return shipping and I will repair it free of charge.  Price for everything listed above is $50.  Turn around time is usually 2-4 weeks, but depends if greatly if parts need to be ordered.
Important! Also please leave a note in the box with your marker stating who you are, what needs to be done to your marker, payment or statement on method of payment, your home phone number and return address.
***Please Note!***  Your marker will not be shipped out until payment has been recieved for the given work.
Tune-up add ons:
Circuit boards rewiring +$20
Magnetic Trigger +10



Re-wired circuit board.  Tired of the poor stock wiring breaking off every other time you take the grip frame off?  This will ensure a quality board to wire connection, with mil-spec 26 guage wire, and much better wire restraints to keep your wires from ever breaking off again.  Simply send in your all of your electronics, in the frame or out and $30.  Turn around time is around 3-5 days.

Magnetic Trigger Upgrade.  This is the ultimate trigger upgrade for all you speed freaks.  This allows you to set your trigger to be very light, but still have a fast return speed, resulting in the fastest possible trigger pull.  This combined with a Featherlite microswitch will give you the extra boost to get up in the high ROF areas.  Along the magnets I install, you also get 2 extra ones to customize your trigger pull to your likings.  When you send in your frame, go ahead and send in the electronics also so I can set up the trigger for you and hot glue all board to wire connections.  Price is $15 shipped.  Turn around time is 3-5 days.  If you would like to purchase the magnets and do the mod yourself, check out the Products page.

Installation of trigger stops and trigger job.  If you have an older style Tribal frame that didn't have the trigger stops and want to have a short crisp pull without the excess, here is your chance.  I install an 8-32 threaded set screw in the upper portion of the frame after drilling and tapping it, and do a trigger job while its here.  I also re-hot glue all board to wire connections on the circuit boards to make sure no problems occur shortly down the road from frame insallation/disassembly.  Price is $15 with shipping.  Turn around time is 3-5 days.

Complete Grip Frame Overhaul.  If you like what you see above, but want it all done at one time, this is for you.  I completely rewire the circuit board, get your electronics up and running, install magnets for the trigger, install a featherlite microswitch, trigger stops, trigger job, my lifetime warranty and Priority shipping back to you all for $40.  Turn around time is 3-5 days.

Miscellaneous Tribal Work - If you need any work done relating to Tribals and aren't sure who to contact, just shoot me an e-mail and I can give you a quote.  Also, I'm pretty open to trades, so if you would like to offer a fair trade of parts or equipment for Tribal services, go ahead and ask me.