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Warped Airsmithing
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Here's some helpful links that are related to Tribals.

Air Soldier Products.  A very nice website with lots of upgrades and helpful information.

Fear Factory Paintball.  This guy can do anything when it comes to Tribals and any other marker out there.  This site seems to be where the majority of Tribal owners hang out.  There are lots of people with lots of helpful information just waiting to answer all of your questions.

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions feel free to e-mail me at the address below.  If you have some in depth questions, or just like calling people, you can also call me at home at the number below.

Home phone: (618) 281-7028  (Ask for Andy please)


AOL Instant Messenger: warpedmephisto
MSN Instant Messenger:

Mailing Address:
Andy Grueninger
703 W. Charlotte Ave.
Columbia, IL 62236
Make all checks and money orders payable to Andy Grueninger.  Sorry PayPal and credit cards cannot be accepted at this time.

NOTICE: When sending in markers, boards, etc, leave a short note in the package stating who you are, your mailing address, your phone number, a discription of what work needs to be done, and the method of payment.  This keeps thing nice and organized and helps to shorten the overall turn around time.  Thanks!