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Warped Airsmithing


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Here's some feedback from my customers:

I had been having constant problems with my frame and electronics, and was sick and tired of it.  So what did I do? I sent it to Andy,  He gave me daily updates on what he was doing, what he had to do and what he was going to do next.  I told him I needed it back in 2 weeks, he got it back to me in 1 week.  Turnaround is awesome, quality of work is awesome, and Andy is just an all around awesome guy, I'll send my tribal to him next time I break something I cant fix, and suggest you do to.
Ben D. Washington
Here's what NaOUtLaW had to say:
warpmephisto is the greatest member to the tribe to date, he fixed my brokend fluster 2.2 w/no problem in under a week.  He is trust worthy, sent him cold hard cash instead of check w/o worrying about being screwed.  He got my Fluster working after i've tried everything.  He even put up a video so i could c it working which was pretty cool of him.  He's a 10/10 dealer and will probably be back to him if anything else is wrong.  Thanx warp for the good deal, and helping me out of a tight spot, WARP=GOD.


A special thanks goes out to FirePro84 for designing the Warped Airsmithing logo.