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Warped Airsmithing

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Tribal paintball gun repairs, upgrades, and more!

Featured Product:  Eye installation upgrade


April 2004
The new site is now up.  Please visit: from now on.  Thanks!

March 2004
Posted the price for eye installs and more information on them.  I will accept new work again starting 3-8-04.
Magnetic Trigger Kit v2.0 is now complete.  It features an 8-32 threaded set screw attached to a magnet to provide easy user-end tension adjusting.  Check out the products page for more info.

February 2004

I'm going to have to put a hold on all orders for right now. I'm getting a little backed up and I want to get all current markers done before I take anymore work on. For everyone that has current orders, don't fear, I'll still get those done and all. But for everyone that wants something done, you'll have to wait a little while until I get caught back up. I'm not terribly behind, but I just want to prevent an avalanche. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me.

The proto BBE marker is finished!  The eyes work and they work beautifully.  I'm going to work on getting some eye covers made up now.  Soon I will have a price up for installations.  But remember, I'm still currently not taking new work in.

Magnetic Trigger kits are out of stock for the time being - I will try hard to get them back in stock.  Also a newer updated Magnetic Kit is in the works.  More news on that later.  To all whose marker(s) I still have and are working on, I am truely sorry for the long wait.  I am very busy and a one man operation.  Combine that with my band, school, and work and I'm left very little time to work on markers.  I'm shooting to have everything caught back up in the next 2 weeks.

January 2004
Still getting all the eye stuff together.  The boards are still being perfected and I have a beta tester that is getting the board and eyes installed.  Then I will get the go ahead to offer the eye upgrade as a service.  Then I'll see how many people are interested and I might get some eye covers made up.

December 2003
Not much has been happening the past few months besides lately.  The eye upgrade is about nearly completed.  I just have to get some more parts in and do some more testing.  Right now I have a fully functional reflective eye in Mephisto.  Soon I will have break beam style available along with eye covers.  More to come on this!

October 2003
School and my band are still taking up a fair amount of my time, so turn around time on tune ups is still lagging a little bit, although not too bad.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to discontinue the LPR tester as of right now.  I find it just simply not worth the time that goes into making one.  Maybe once they get a little easier to produce or I make a revised version, I will have them again.

September 2003
I've been wanting to test some new ideas and products, but since school has started up again, I am running low on time.  Also coming with that will be a slight increase in turn around time.  If I start to become too backed up, I will have to start limiting work that I can take in.

August 2003
Theres been a slash in prices for the month of August.  Complete rewiring of circuit boards is now only $15 and LPR testers are only $20.  Take advantage of the low prices while you can!

July 2003
I will be leaving on vacation from the 12th of July to the 20th of July.  Please keep this in mind when trying to contact me about work.  I have a new product that is almost ready for release - just ironing out a minor flaw and then I will proceed to testing.  More to come on this later.
Also, I am in the process of designing a new upgrade for the Tribal ram as well as a Tribal tool kit.  And a v2 LPR tester is in the works as well.  More to come on all of these items.

June 2003
Did a run of aluminum LPC's and they did not turn out the way I had planned, so now I'm investigating other means of an LPC.  Also, some important changes are now in effect for the Mega Tune-Up.  Please check it out if you haven't already.  Tool kits are now the last phases of design and are almost ready to be produced.  Price not set for tool kits yet.
First protos of the solenoid LPC's are done.  These were done in plastic tubing, but the next run will be done in aluminum.  Pics will be up as soon as there are completed.  Then testers will be selected to test them out and see what needs to be improved upon.  They will be availible in 3", 2", and 1" lengths for right now.  Custom lengths are availible on request however.  Still more news to come later on about these.

May 2003

For those that have known me on sites such as, I finally have a website all to my own to share information, provide updates about my services, and shed some insight on Tribals in general.  Hopefully this site will provide information that all Tribal owners can benifit from.


If you take apart your marker or parts of your marker I have worked on and manage to screw it up somehow, I am not responsible for the parts damaged.  If I have to purchase new parts to get your marker running again, you will be responsible for purchase of new parts.  Please, and I cannot stress this enough, do not take apart your marker if at all necessary.  You may ajust the HPR, LPR, and dwell, but please leave the marker all together.  It saves the customer and myself headaches later down the road.

You can e-mail me with questions, comments, or anything else at: